About Us

Starmark Cremation and Funeral Products began in 2004 and today leads in all of its market segments occupying more than 220,000 square feet of space in its Richmond, Indiana and Lakeland, Florida locations combined.

Starmark manufactures products such as premium wood and metal ceremonial rental caskets, corrugated fiberboard inserts, Artisan alternative cremation containers, and urns (Starmark is the largest maker of cremation urns in North America). 

Starmark Cremation Products are sold directly to Funeral Homes and Crematories nationwide and through authorized casket distribution companies continent-wide.

The leaders at Starmark have deep roots in the casket business. In 1989 Alan Elder (Starmark Chairman), Mark Elder and Gerald Davis (Starmark Former President) founded Elder Davis, Inc. (now owned by others) with its products including the original Elderlite (R) Corrugated Fiberboard Casket (started by Vandor in 1983).

Fast forward to today, Starmark offers economical cremation products in lightweight corrugated fiberboard and cloth covered products to meet the need and wants of cremation client families.

Our Marketing and R&D Team led by Justin Davis continues to innovate and continuously improve the Starmark product line. As the industry changes so should your product mix and your message to cremation families.

With the nationwide cremation rate over 50% does your product mix represent this change in the market?

Are you using products from traditional casket manufacturers that treat cremation product design and development as an afterthought?

As the industry changes so should your product mix and your message to cremation families.

The team at Starmark thinks only about cremation and products for the changing industry landscape. Starmark is 100% focused on providing Sensible Solutions (R) for cremation that improve funeral home revenue from direct to full services.

Product Successes

Starmark is the nation's highest volume manufacturer of rental casket inserts.

The TransPorter (R) is the most used alternative cremation container that includes an interior (in the USA).

The Sure~Lock (TM) urn is the highest volume urn sold in the USA (Three sizes available).

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