Artisan Vista Series

Intuitively designed for witnessing, identification viewings, and private farewells.

Contrary to popular belief, the survival of many funeral providers will not likely hinge on another highly customizable Swiss Army style of burial casket. The survival of most funeral providers does not generally rest on the broad category of “Cremation” but does rest on solving the “Direct Cremation” revenue problem. How big is the problem nationwide? In 2020 we estimate that of the 1.6 million US cremations approximately 1.2 million of them will be low revenue Direct Cremations. “Direct Cremation” is the greatest concern of the industry and will require innovation to survive its economic wrath.

The industry must develop new ideas, services and products that create exceptionally high value targeted towards all Direct Cremation client families. Starmark’s Artisan Farewell containers are the revolutionary “Direct Cremation” revenue solution. Gerald Davis, President of Starmark said, “I’ve been developing cremation containers for nearly thirty years and the Artisan Farewell Containers check all the boxes from low cost, high eye appeal, emotionally relatable, light weight and environmentally responsible. Artisan Farewell Cremation Containers are the industry’s best shot at upgrading cremation families to Private farewells, ID viewings and very modest body-present Private Family and Friends modest gatherings.”