No Matter The Size, For Oversize We've Got You Covered

Since 2004, the Starmark brand has designed, marketed, and manufactured Sensible Solutions® for its customers. Starmark prides itself on providing innovative, affordable, and high quality products so that our customers can focus on the things that matter most: giving families the opportunity to lay their loved ones to rest in an affordable yet dignified and respectful manner. Our ability to craft and deliver is part of the formula that helps us serve you.

Tips For Handling Oversize Bodies

Measure twice.
Measuring the body twice ensures that you only have to order once. Measure the greatest width and torso height (while laying flat).

Check door and hallway widths.
It’s important to check door and hallway widths before ordering the oversize casket. The service may need to be moved to accommodate the size of the casket. Consider stairs and turning corners.

Additional tips can be found in our Oversize Sensible Solutions® catalog.  Download a copy by clicking on the image below or click here.