Oversize Caskets

Intuitively designed for witnessing, identification viewings, and private farewells.

We’ve added to our Oversize Casket line to meet the growing need for low priced wider caskets across North America. The MESA Oversize Casket Line is available in 29”, 31”, 33”, 36”, 40”, 44”, 47” and 52” inside widths and is suitable for Cremation or Burial excluding some largest sizes. Featuring Hardwood construction with a water-based Canyon Brown finish, cremation safe swing bar handle, double strength bottom and weight tested to over 1600 lbs.

Gerald Davis, President of Starmark Cremation Products, has a close connection to Oversize caskets, for decades his father Forrest Davis and brother Keith Davis produced the largest caskets in the world at Goliath Casket in Lynn, IN. “Dad always advised customers to measure twice, order once”, said Gerald, “and to remember to carefully measure everything such as door and vehicle sizes”.

Look no further than the Starmark MESA to service all “Oversize” needs.

Mesa Oversize Caskets are available through a group of nationwide Starmark Distributors or factory direct from Starmark.