Chaise Bed Viewer®

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Intuitively designed for I.D. viewings and private farewells, the Chaise Bed Viewer, along with a single use insert, provides cremation families with an economical option for final goodbyes.


Solid wood select

Satin finish

Adjustable crepe overlapping shroud interior

Touch-up kits are available

Metallic painted Chaise Bed Viewer  available

Standard Width:
Interior dimension: 78.3″ x 25.7″ x 13.6″

Outside dimension: 83″ x 30.5″ x 13.6″

Oversize Width:
Interior dimension: 83″ x 27″ x 13.6″

Outside dimension: 83″ x 30.5″ x 15.375″

Dimensions 78.3 × 25.7 × 13.6 in

Canyon Brown, Cherry Mahogany, Walnut


Standard 25.5", Oversize 27"